When trees erupt in clouds of virgin blossoms during spring, a new circle of their life starts. The countless blossom brides are united with evenly countless bridegrooms, insects and birds being helpful best men. The swarm wedding brings forth swarm offspring.
The trees nurture their seeds with all of their sap throughout childhood and adolescence until maturity, sheltering them with their lush foliage and steadying them with their strong branches, feeding on summers‘ warmth and sun.

Copyright (c) federfluesterin

Copyright (c) federfluesterin

When autumn approaches, the trees let their children go. The seeds leave their tree-nest, hitchhiking on birds, squirrels, water or the wind.

Having put their energy in raising their likes , the trees are up to retirement. Gradually, with temperatures dropping, they phase out the care for their leaves. In turn, the foliage turns into yellow, red and brown, the colour of the end of reproduction, the colour of the „second springtime“ of retirees.

Copyright (c) federfluesterin

Copyright (c) federfluesterin

Finally, with winter setting in, the trees‘ growth activity almost comes to a halt, skeleton-like their appearance. It is the end of one of the trees‘ life cycles, each cycle one tree ring. Trees pass through many cycles, awakening to life, growing, setting forth offspring, retiring, outwardly dying, augmenting  their rings every year.

Copyright (c) federfluesterin

Copyright (c) federfluesterin

Indian religions speak of spiralling circles of life
when describing the mechanisms of our universe.
Flatten a spiral and you have got concentric circles
on one level – like tree rings.
A canopy of tree blossoms in spring –
Can you see the spiral’s new circle?


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2 Antworten zu Springbride

  1. Dalo 2013 schreibt:

    The incredible circle of spring ~ I am not sure I’ve read such a wonderful feeling of spring ~ the beauty of the bride with the whole world at her feet. Yet, this is just what the new blossoms and the opening up of a new world stretch out ahead should be. The spirals new circles indeed ~ „countless blossom brides are united with evenly countless bridegrooms, insects and birds being helpful best men“

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