Ukrainian Philosophy of the Heart

Every day, rolling out of bed, I start with the recognition of a simple tenet of my life: “love what you do and do what you love.” A philosophy I’ve intertwined into every fabric of my being, but this morning I stare at these words I’ve just typed, and I’m lost.  A photo taken in […]

Ukrainian Philosophy of the Heart

Mein Blogfreund Randall Collis hat hier der Ukraine und ihrer Menschen einen ruhigen, wunderschönen und möglicherweise historischen Artikel gewidmet. Was für ein Land, diese Ukraine!

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5 Antworten zu Ukrainian Philosophy of the Heart

  1. Dalo 2013 schreibt:

    It is such an honor you give to the Ukrainian people, their culture, and their history to have re-blogged this, Feder. Thank you so much, my friend. The strength of commitment the Ukrainian people have towards their country, homeland, and to each other is inspirational. Something for us all to ponder and I hope inspire us to never let any of our brothers and sisters around the world lose the freedom they have struggled and fought for. Wishing you well, and thank you again.

    • federfluesterin schreibt:

      It is a priviledge to host your excellent article on my blog. May your article move the hearts of the readers of this blog and incite them to support the Ukranian people in their fight for freedom. They are showing to us all, what true Europeans should be: fighters for freedom.

  2. Dalo 2013 schreibt:

    I also have to say, I admire the title of your blog, as there is such significance to being a „Feather Whisperer.“ There is an old story in China regarding the power of the feather:

    The story is of a peasant lady who is on a journey of a thousand miles to present two of her favorite prized geese to the emperor. One day walking along a lake, she lets her geese swim in the beautiful water of a lake. As nature would have it, the geese fly off into the blue sky and the lady can only watch them fade away with a broken heart. As she walks away, a lone beautiful goose feather floats down from the sky and into her hand. She smiles, and her heart beats with pride.

    The peasant cherishes the goose feather and upon arriving at the celebration for the emperor, she looks upon all the magnificent gifts for the emperor and then at her simple goose feather. As she presents her gift of a feather, she also delivers a poem:
    A goose feather from afar,
    a small gift with profound meaning.

    The emperor is deeply moved when he receives the gift and the powerful words. He then makes and keeps a promise to always help those with great intentions.
    You do this with your blog an post, so thank you again.
    Best regards,

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