The Mystic’s Christmas

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"All hail!" the monks at Christmas sang,
The merry monks who kept with cheer
The gladdest day of all their year.

But still apart, unmoved thereat,
A pious elder brother sat
Silent, in his accustomed place,
With God's sweet peace upon his face.

"Why sitt'st thou thus?" his brethren cried,
"It is the blessed Christmas-tide;
The Christmas lights are all aglow,
The sacred lilies bud and blow.

"Above our heads the joy-bells ring,
Without the happy children sing,
And all God's creatures hail the morn
On which the holy Christ was born.

"Rejoice with us; no more rebuke
Our gladness with thy quiet look."
The gray monk answered, "Keep, I pray,
Even as ye list, the Lord's birthday.

"Let heathen Yule fires flicker red
Where thronged refectory feasts are spread;
With mystery-play and masque and mime
And wait-songs speed the holy time!

"The blindest faith may haply save;
The Lord accepts the things we have;
And reverence, howsoe'er it strays,
May find at last the shining ways.

"They needs must grope who cannot see,
The blade before the ear must be;
As ye are feeling I have felt,
And where ye dwell I too have dwelt.

"But now, beyond the things of sense,
Beyond occasions and events,
I know, through God's exceeding grace,
Release from form and time and space.

"I listen, from no mortal tongue,
To hear the song the angels sung;
And wait within myself to know
The Christmas lilies bud and blow.

"The outward symbols disappear
From him whose inward sight is clear;
And small must be the choice of days
To him who fills them all with praise!

"Keep while you need it, brothers mine,
With honest seal your Christmas sign,
But judge not him who every morn
Feels in his heart the Lord Christ born!"

                      John Greenleaf Whittier
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2 Antworten zu The Mystic’s Christmas

  1. ranranshi schreibt:

    But then the abbot came and said
    “Our order ‘s silent, don’t forget!
    You talking brother keep in mind
    That we left all the world behind
    Should use our tongue to only pray
    And meditate all night and day.
    And he who always thinks of Yule
    Does deviate from ancient rule
    That crib and cross stand side by side
    And both of them should be our guide!”
    Reproaching should not be the end
    Said “Merry Christmas!” and he went

    Liebe Federflüsterin, Frohe Weihnachten!

    • federfluesterin schreibt:

      Lieber Ranranshi,
      Herzlichen Dank und auch Dir und Deiner Frau nachträglich eine Frohe Weihnacht!
      Ich hatte mir über die Feiertage eine Auszeit gegönnt und daher Deine perfekt passende Ergänzung des Gedichts gerade erst, aber mit großer Freude, entdeckt.
      Herzliche Grüße,

      Deine Federflüsterin

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