Slowing Down the Perception of Time

Quelle: Slowing Down the Perception of Time

The article, I am reblogging with the a.m. link is, indeed, an intriguing, well written one, with well fitting photographs. It prompted me to read it with attention.

And this seems to me to be the key idea.

It is not the quantity of activities, even of new and exciting ones, which gives us back our time. It is the attention, we pay to everything, we are and we are doing. Exactly this makes the difference in the author’s perception of time when he enters the lake. The uncertainty of the situation makes him focus on what he is doing. He pays attention. And in the course, time has a meaning again – or, even more precisely, it has lost its meaning!

It is the quality of the activity which counts. In fact, one activity could suffice, if a maximum of attention is applied.

Meditation is focussing attention to the upmost. In this sense, it is perfect activity out of time.


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2 Antworten zu Slowing Down the Perception of Time

  1. Dalo 2013 schreibt:

    The quality of summary you just wrote above is impressive ~ quality work that I think even exceeds the quality of the written work you wrote about 🙂

    • federfluesterin schreibt:

      Well, when I passed by your story on search for another specific article, I immediately knew that something within the concept you presented was wrong and disturbed me. But I had to find the time to sit down and read your story once again, to be able to pinpoint it.

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