Cherry Blossom

Kirschblütenhasen (c) Rike /

Kirschblütenhasen (c) Rike /

Other women might not be able to resist buying shoes. My soft spot, however, are beautiful stamps! Like pearls on a string they are presented in the monthly catalogue of the  postal service and I must confess, my stamp collection will easily outdo other women’s shoe cabinets. While in the process of writing a letter, in the traditional way, on real paper, then carefully folding and putting it into an old-fashioned envelope, I am already designing the arrangement of stamps to match the personality of the recipient.

For several months, I had been hoarding some gorgeous stamps showing illustrations of childrens‘ books. Every time, a letter was finished, I would take them out of the stamp box,  look at them, enjoy and finally decide that they were too precious to be sent away. There just did not seem to be the right recipient for a letter carrying these beauties. Thus, they stayed in my collection acquiring the intimacy of old friends as time went by.

One day, I  was surprised by a letter with a nice self-made card. It was the after-wedding announcement of a friend’s daughter. The photographs reflected the relaxed atmosphere of the couple, so comfortable in their love and radiating felicity. And it showed the bride’s quite round belly…..

When I turned to the back page of the wedding card, I looked face to face into a sweet baby’s charming smile. The name of the little girl, born a few weeks after the wedding, was „Sakura“, cherry blossom.

A very special blossom, I knew, my beautiful stamps had just been waiting for all along.

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